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We created Musante Property Developement, Inc. in 2004 to build spec homes in Sacramento from the ground up.  After successfully building 5 new homes and a new duplex in the Sacramento suburbs, we decided to return back home to the Bay Area and shift our business focus to home building, remodeling, repair, and maintenance. We can handle any job large or small. We are prompt, courteous and professional. We have the experience and expertise to get your project completed right the first time!  Give us a call to set up an appointment for a free consultation. 650.722.4773

Mark Musante worked in senior and executive management roles in manufacturing operations and quality control within the semiconductor equipment supply chain for 20 years in the Silicon Valley. The companies he worked for focused on custom manufacturing ranging from plastic fabrication to metal and stainless steel fabrication to robotics and automation. In 2004, he decided that a man should build a house in his 40's.

While still living in Redwood City, Mark left his corporate world to purchase a large lot with a tiny house and an R2 zone rating in Sacramento, which means it was zoned for up to two homes on one lot.  He learned the development process through the City Building Department step-by-step as he maneuvered along as an owner/builder. In the end, the small existing home received a new master suite with private bath, and the old back yard got a whole new 3br 2ba rancher. This was the birth of Musante Property Development, Inc.

Over the next several years, this process was repeated a few times until the final project was conceived; sub-dividing a 1/2 acre corner lot into 3 separate lots, then simultaneously building two houses on the new interior lots and one duplex on the smaller corner lot.  This final project was completed just in time, just prior to the market drop of 2008.  With the market shift and down turn that followed, he decided to focus on helping others.  

Mark brings his keen eye for quality first and his executive experience that developed during his manufacturing days to his home remodeling and repair jobs every day.  An honest and open communicator, his clients enjoy always knowing where things stand.  He will be thrilled to hear from you to start the discussion about your ideas for a new bath or kitchen remodel, to learn about and address your concerns and home repair needs, or to set up a home maintenance schedule with you to help you avoid costly future home repairs.

Give him a call or text...  

650.722.4773  -  or e-mail


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